President’s Notes As president of the MACRA, I would like to thank all of our committee members for making this web site a reality and a real success.

In the future, we will be adding information about up-coming events as well as news about our association and its members including publications, achievements, awards, honors, and just information about their activities in general. We hope that this will help all of our members share each other's achievements and draw us together as an extended family. I would like to take this opportunity to invite all of our honored members to join us in making the MACRA and our web site a success and a tool for all to use. It is my hope that this web site will become a central forum for all members to join and share their achievements, their activities, and other information with others and continue the "extended family" of our air conditioning industry as it reaches out into the surrounding community and the world at large.

In this message I would like to share with all the members of MACRA and the industry at large of our mission this year. In alignment with our MACRA objective to encourage and preserve by every means skill in the ACMV & R industry, elevation in the standards of ACMV & R and ancillary activities and public confidence in the ACMV & R industry, we have decided to collaborate with government bodies such as CIDB in implementing enforcing accreditation and certification requirements which will be imposed on all of the ACMV registered contractors under CIDB. We feel honored to be entrusted by CIDB with the task of carrying out the duty as an accreditation and certification committee member. With the great support from CIDB, we are confident that MACRA will play a crucial role in leading the air conditioning industry to achieve a very important milestone by establishing an honorable reputation for the industry. The membership of MACRA will become a reasonable assurance to consultants, architects, insurance corporations, government bodies and the public in general of the skill, integrity and responsibility of its members and the quality of the work which they carry out.

To encourage technical growth and education for the development of efficient employee in the ACMV & R industry, MACRA will continue to provide training courses covering all crucial topics and subjects in ACMV applications. Our training program for this year is published on our website. We also plan to submit our courses to IEM for obtaining their accreditation of MACRA as a CPD hour collection centre for professional engineers. It is our hope that with the accreditation our training courses will gain wide acceptance and recognition from the industry.

Last but not least, as in the previous years we will organize our annual golf tournament at a date which will be announced later to promote the interest of the members in participating MACRA activities and provide a relaxing platform for members to share with each other the experiences of their working life.

I encourage the members and non-members of MACRA will come forward to join us in materializing our mission of this year. Thank you.

Snapshots in 2006

Annual General Meeting

The 2006 AGM commenced with a “Lou Sang” and sumptuous dinner before the Meeting at Pearl International Hotel on 24 th Feb 2006. All the committees members were excited to welcome a prosperous new year.

The highlight of the dinner was the presentation of the appreciation souvenir to members who had served the society. A recreational activities such as “Bamboo Dance” keeping everyone occupied and having a throughly good time.

Waw! What an amazing backbone performance!
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